Lead Generation Hacks: 5 Strategies That Will Grow Your Leads

A couple of weeks ago, we carried out a poll across different business communities with one very simple question. As small business owner, what is your main challenge to continue growing your business?

We provided 3 key options and the alternative to add more if they felt like it. The results are very interesting:

52% of small business owners said they would need more resources (time, expertise) to grow their business, 30% said they need more customers and only 18% said they need more revenue
Small business owners more leads more revenue

So in this article, we will address how to get “more customers”. In order to have more customers you need two things, to attract more qualified prospects (leads) and increase your conversation rate (leads who buy your product or service)

Small Businesses rely on several channels to drive leads to their businesses and boost their conversion rate. But often, these channels don’t deliver the results that they can bank on. If you’ve spent a lot of time creating content, hoping to attract the right leads, but you still aren’t getting results, it can be discouraging. But hear this: you’re not alone.

What does your potential customer want? Once you’re able to answer that question and tie it to a powerful message that resonates with your target customers, you’ll consistently generate leads. Growing your leads will always be easier if most of your attention is focused on syncing your landing page with your other marketing channels.

No matter what channel you’re using, HubSpot’s statistics found that 54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than by traditional paid marketing. This also means that you have to give top priority to creating the right content. Once you’ve committed to that mindset and approach, implement these six lead generation hacks to grow and covert your leads faster.

Hack #1: Lead generation starts at home—review your messaging

If you’ve been actively promoting your message through your website, your homepage will be getting visitors from referring sites, social media sites, search engines and other sources.

But is your message reflecting what your potential customer needs? The first thing you need to do is to understand your customer, their concerns and challenges and then provide them with a solution

Some ideas to show case your content in your home page would be to have a list of the latest posts and adding a must-read section on the sidebar, which is important if you want people to find your best content the moment that they arrive on your homepage.

On the flip side, if you have an offer (e.g. an e-book, a report, software) on your landing page, you’ve got to ensure that your messaging (copy) and offer are in sync.

The two should always be in sync, so that visitors will not be confused when they get to your homepage.

Hack #2: Link to your webinars directly in your content

One of the best lead generation tips you should take away from this post, is how a webinar can work brilliantly in your favor.

A webinar is a relatively low-cost way to get your useful message in front of a targeted audience who actually signed up for it when they registered and, 52% of marketers believe that webinars and seminars are the most effective methods for generating targeted leads.

If you can host a webinar and link to it directly to your content, your prospects will take you more seriously, because you’ve provided value before asking them to register. This is quite different from a webinar landing page that doesn’t offer much value to the user.

If you’re not using webinars to drive leads to your business, you have to start today. – Lewis Howes

When people are engaged, magical things can happen, right on the spot.

Engagement is the sole purpose of hosting a webinar. Stay time (duration) is influenced by the ease of entering into the webinar, the topic and whether or not attendees stick around during the Q&A.

The role of webinars in the sales process can’t be ignored, because most companies have experience higher sales when they host a webinar.

When you have the attention and trust of your attendees, you can recommend a product or service that’ll help them. You have a responsibility to qualify your leads and map your prospect’s buying journey. Every stage of the customer buying process is important during the webinar.

When you compare all of the lead generation tactics, webinars are the second most effective delivery mechanism of premium content for digital marketers.

Linking to or citing a high-value webinar within your content will position you as a go-to expert in your industry who cares about people.

Hack #3: Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

The success rate of any form of communication with your audience is follow up. Once you manage to get a large audience for your webinar and then deliver a fantastic webinar full of value for your customers, the next thing is to thank them for their attendance and provide some extra value in the form of content, offer or invitation for the next event.

Something to have in mind, for a telephone call or email conversation, your follow up action should be not more than 48 hours after. A memorable webinar, probably will remain fresh in people’s mind for up to 5 days. So consider to introduce some sort of automation to make the process easier, even if it’s to write the content of your thank you email before the event, and have it ready to send the following day.

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Hack #4: Use strong verbs to write powerful headlines that draw attention

A verb is a “doing” word. Or, better yet, it’s an “action” word.

If you want to create a lasting impression in your writing, you have to draw attention with verbs. But first, answer this question:

What makes a headline powerful?

Isn’t it the structure, keywords used, length, topic, and, most importantly, the action word (verb) that appear in a given headline? Each of these can and should evoke curiosity and persuade people to click.

If you can give adequate attention to crafting your headline, you’ll not only generate targeted leads, and there’s a possibility that your search rankings will improve because of a lower bounce rate and the additional time that your visitors are spending on your page.

Copywriters all over the world know the power behind a well-crafted headline, 8 out of 10 people will click your headline if it catches their attention. So, what are you going to do about your headlines?

No matter the platform — your blog, social media networks, other blogs (when you write a guest post), or when you create any type of content that will drive leads — you’ve got to make sure that your headline contains strong verbs. Strong verbs are used to convey a direct message. You’ve always got to have it in the back of your mind that we live in a fast-paced world.

In addition to using strong verbs in your headlines, you also have to focus on length. Headlines that are too long tend to be easily forgotten or ignored.

According to a report by the Guardian, headlines with just eight words generated a 21% higher click-through rate than longer headlines.

Hack #5: Create an irresistible offer

Ultimately, you want to get people to say “yes” to your offer. It all goes down to creating a risk-free and high-value offer. This simple formula explains it better:

If you have difficulty growing your leads, it could be that your offer isn’t compelling. It’s not irresistible.

How do you recognize an irresistible offer?

A compelling offer is like a slice of orange at mile 18. An offer you can’t refuse is like a marriage proposal from the guy or girl you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

You want them to say yes, to download your latest e-book, yes to your email forms, yes to your webinar or yes to your premium physical product.

An irresistible offer will help you attract clients and retain them. Remember that when your offer is scarce, relevant, in high demand and exclusive, it becomes desirable.


Don’t get fooled by every fancy lead generation tool out there. Choose 2 or 3 lead generation strategies and make the most of each one. Remember that driving quality leads and engagement to your business will take time.

Building any real, successful business takes time. Nurturing your social network presence, crafting a solid email marketing campaign, diligently working on creating and producing quality content, all of these tasks require a significant amount of time and focus. You’ll expend energy, but you have to move out of your comfort zone to achieve results – particularly when it comes to building your lead generation campaign.

You need data-driven content to nurture your leads. And, if you want to maximize your time, you have to repurpose your content and expand your reach so that you can drive fresh leads to your business.

“Hacks” are not some magical push-button tactics that don’t have a strong foundation. On the contrary, they’ve been proven to work and many successful brands and industry leaders still use them to acquire new leads and convert them into customers.

Real satisfaction comes from what you learn in the process of applying these proven lead generation tips.

It’s the same with increasing sales. You have to make up your mind to learn along the way because your customers believe in you—and you can’t afford to let them down with outdated advic

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